Google’s Newest Service – Google Voice

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Google now has another amazing (and free) service to offer. Google Voice is the newest way to stay in touch with all of your contacts.

When registering fir your Google Vouce account you are asked to create a telephone number. Numbers are available in almost any area code. You can enter a short text phrase to search for. I generated a phone number using my initials.

Once your phone number is set up you then link it to your existing phones. My account is linked to my home and cell phones.

When a call is received on your Google Voice number it is directed to your numbers in the order you specify. You receive a call with the option to screen calls from callers. You can actually listen in as voicemails are recorded and jump in if you want to talk.

My favorite feature is the voicemail transcription. If a person leaves a voicemail you have the option of having it converted to text and sent to you as an email or text message. And you can always listen to them on your phone or online.

Google Voice has many other features that are still in development. They are still in beta testing, and registration is by invite only. To be placed on the invite list visit  I received my invitation about two months after requesting it, but I’m sure the process is going much faster now.

I hope you enjoy allcthe features Google Voice has to offer!  Be sure to return here after signing up and give us your feedback on this new service.


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