Take care of your eyes much better by knowing this

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Your eyes need a rest from having contacts in a lot. Be sure to take them out when you really don’t need them in. This allows your eyes to clean out germs under the contact lenses and give your eyes a time to relax. Don’t smoke and don’t let others smoke around you. They’re toxins in cigarettes that can make it’s way into the blood stream and damage the vessels around your eyes. Wear sunglasses not only are they stylish they also protect your eyes from UV rays which can damage your eyes.

Try your best to eat healthy. The right foods can support your eyes by giving them the nutrition they need.

Vitamin A and Beta-carotene are great for the eyes which are found in Carrots, liver, and eggs. Soy, salmon, tuna, blueberries are also good for your overall eye health.

If your eyes are ever swollen or puffy cucumbers slices can help greatly with that. If your eyes are constantly red it could be your eye make up. Some people have make up allergies. They sale special make for people with make up allergies, it’s should be quite easy to find. As much as you can avoid getting make up in your inner eye lash line. When putting make up on your water line it increases the chances of it getting in you eye and causing red, swollen, puffy eyes. Always wash you eye make up off because it will rub into your eyes when your sleep.

Practising good eyecare should be easier now that you know these simple tips.


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