Eight Keys to Success in College For University Freshmen

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As a freshman in college or university, the excitement of freedom and freshness can many times make us lose track of our real purpose for being there. Here are a eight Keys To Success In College for freshmen

Select your GOALS: To succeed in college you must first clearly select your goals. The earlier you define your expectations the easier to keep in track and avoid distractions

Build KNOWLEDGE: deliberately nurture a “learning-complex”, a curiosity for knowledge. We seek always to keep abreast of the trends and developments diverse industries of interest and the world in general.knowlege is an essential ingredient for succeeding in college as a freshman

Unlock your POTENTIAL: with the vast capacity of the human brain (the estimated by scientists to have over a hundred billion cells). It is amazing to discover the untold potentials and talents that lie untapped inside of you.discovering your purpose, undertanding why you are alive, finding your calling is the true indicator that you are on the path to success.

Chart your COURSE: Develop a blueprint for your success. Organize your self into a weekly schedule designed to properly order your priorities and intelligently management your resources both material and time.

Stay COMMITTED: The most important discipline to master is the discipline of commitment. The ability to stay committed to your goals, schedules and habits will be the most crucial decider of your success in college and life in general

Expect PROBLEMS: what you expect cannot catch you off guard. Be prepared for any challenge or eventualities, obstacles and distractions. By being prepared you will master them when they come knocking at your door.

Control your circle of FRIENDS: the kind of friends or close Associates you keep will will determine whether you succeed in college or not. they will either correct you or corrupt you. Your close company will decide if your future will be distinguished or extinguished!

Strengthen your relationship with GOD: It is a grave error to leave God out of the equation of success. A strong association with God will power your life to success in college.


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