Get very healthy hair

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Junk food and damaged hair goes together just like healthy food and healthy hair goes together. Healthy dieting is needed for healthy hair there’s no way around it. Leafy greens and water are great for healthy hair, hair growth and hair regrowth. So next time you order a salad enjoy it because you’re doing something great for your scalp and hair.

Split ends are very bad for the hair be sure to cut all split or damaged ends. If you choose not to the ends will split all the way to the top of the hair breaking it off. Clipping damaged ends will prevent future hair damage and lead you to the road of beautiful healthy hair. Cutting your ends is not cutting your hair, you’re not cutting any length just the shriveled ends.

When shampooing your hair focus in completely on the scalp after all that’s where all the oil comes from. Be sure to use shampoo and conditioner for your hair type don’t just buy any kind of shampoo or conditioner. If you have dry hair buy shampoo for dry hair or any other hair type you have. Do research on your hair type learn your hair. Use rinse out conditioners only they’re better.

Limit the amount of heat and chemicals you put into your hair. There are a lot of hair products and hair care products out there not all of them are good for your hair most of them are not. Sometimes wear your natural hair to give your hair a break from all those heavy hair products.


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