Cozy Up a Large Space

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Maybe you are on the other end of the spectrum and have large open rooms in your home. These areas can lack a certain intimacy that every family needs. Learn how to make changes to your decorating scheme to turn a cavern into a cozy corner.

You would think that large rooms aren’t a problem but guess again. The tendency is to fill every corner but with a larger space, you may run out of items to fill it with. Finding ways to close the gaps is challenging.

Let Your Furniture do Double Duty

Let’s say that you have a large great room. A few pieces of furniture may not be working for you. The Spartan look isn’t for everyone. Use a couch or a set of loveseats to create smaller spaces within the room.

Place the loveseats back-to-back in the center of the room. Each one represents a separate sitting area. If the focus of your room is the fireplace, add furniture to frame the focal point. On the other side of the room, place your furniture around a coffee table or the television set.

Divide the Area

Try using dividers. Install a sliding partition in the room. Be certain that you are not obstructing any doorways or natural entries into the room. This will actually make the room more difficult to enjoy.

Install swinging doors in open doorways to close off areas. Swinging doors to the kitchen or den allow easy access but clearly separates the rooms into more defined spaces.

Add Unique Touches

If the room in question is simply an entryway into another room, add furniture and accessories along the walls to tighten it up. For long hallways or entryways, a side table and bistro chairs can be used as a telephone table. Wall sconces create a mood over the area that is both intimate and simple.

Large foyers can be scaled down with coat racks, benches, flower arrangements and artwork. Even changing the color in the area can make the space seem small and cozy.

Using accessories that are easy to remove and replace is a unique way to define a room. Add large paintings on the walls to close in the area. Paintings over the fireplace or a collage of family pictures along the hallway are great ideas. During the fall, replace the pictures with holiday paintings.

Small tables can be moved to fill in dead space in any room. These accent tables can hold flowers, pottery or a lamp. When it is not necessary anymore, move to another location where it is equally as comfortable and needed.

Large spaces are as difficult to manage as small ones. Use some of the suggestions in this article to make the best use of such spaces.


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