Relieve a horrible headache

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You should know that a headache should never be taken lightly and they’re often just a symptom of something else being wrong in your body headaches is your body’ s way of getting your attention. If you’ve been suffering from headaches long it’s best to go see a doctor.

Standing in a hot shower for twenty minutes can bring fast relief to a pounding head. Be sure not to burn your self, but get the water as hot as it can get just be sure you’re out of the way. Another way you can relieve your suffering is to check your blood pressure. You just may have high blood pressure and that can often cause headaches, nausea, stress and anxiety. Just go to the doctors an have them to check your blood pressure.

Herbal teas are great for relieving just about everything. Make a nice warm cup of peppermint tea with 2 tea bags for added strength and sip on that and relax as it calm your nerves. This also works with chamomile. As long as you don’t feel sick rest for a few minutes maybe your body has had a long week and you need sleep.

Headaches can also be triggered by not eating well and lack of water.

A horrible back ache, neck pain or bother along with migraines are very serious do not take this lightly! Get help while you’re still alert and able to get help. A serious situation can be avoided greatly by getting help before it’s too late.


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