Helping your parents with depression

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You should know that stress and depression runs together. If your parent lost something close them or is struggling financially this could be the root of their depression. Try to help your parent as much as you can just to show them that you care and appreciate them. No one wants to think they’re being taken for granted. Sometimes just knowing someone cares give you hope.

You can also talk with your parent maybe they’ll share something with you that can open your eyes about them and why they’re sad. Telling your parents that you notice a difference in their personality can also help them get help sooner. Don’t force them to talk to you or go get help they’ll do it when they’re ready, but do let them know that they’ve changed.

Be there through the ups and down and support them. Invite them to do their favorite activity. People don’t usually quickly overcome depression, but they can get better day by day. Some growth is better then none at all. Remember depression robs people of their energy, so your parents might be tired a lot. To get over depression requires action. Try to get your parents to go for a walk or jog. Maybe invite them to ride their bike with you on their favorite bike trail. Try to get their energy level up as much as you can, it’s important to keep them out of the dumps and out in the fresh air, this will also help prevent unhealthy weight gain.

Start with small goals for your parent.


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