‘No’ to the Non-stick Pans

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No to the Non-stick Pans

brotee mukhopadhyay

From the ancient days of earthenware to the modern days of non-stick cookware mankind has travelled a very long distance. Just before fifty years the American people had to spare lot of time for soaking pans and for scouring pots with steel wool in their kitchen room. They have found the non-stick cookware comfortable, time-saving and useful. But all is not well with this new appliance.

Teflon pans have polytetrafluoroethylene coating which makes them non-stick. Polytetrafluoroethylene emits toxic gases which invite different hazards in the physique of the users.

When you prepare some food at a higher temperature the non-stick pans releases toxic gases. You can try to cook at lower temperature. But you require more heat to boil meat and some other items. You may decide not to use the non-stick pans. Undoubtedly that is the best solution to keep you away from some definite physical hazards. Pans made of stainless steel or of cast iron or aluminum are comparatively helpful. You will spend then less and your anxiety for health will be nearer to zero.

Effect of using the non-stick pans may be horrible. The released toxic gases cause damage to the reproductive system. The user may experience an organ failure and even have cancerous growth in the body.

Environmental research groups have been pointing at the ill-effects of the use of the non-stick pans for some years. One such organization has already warned the federal government of America regarding the obvious physical problems caused by the Teflon-coated cookware.

The story of DuPont is hair-raising. DuPont is a company which has drawn red eyes of the American law-enforcing authorities more than once. DuPont is one of the Teflon manufacturers in America. This company has accepted that toxin produced from the of non-stick pans at 460 degrees Fahrenheit is capable of killing pet birds. A veterinarian of Chicago has established that 296 pet birds have died in 100 cases after they had inhaled fume and dusts released from the heated Teflon coating in one year only. Hundreds of pet birds have already been killed because of the toxin gases released from the non-stick pans. Non-stick pans are also responsible for “polymer fume fever”.  “Polymer fume fever” is a kind of flu that attacks human beings.

It is the right time to say ‘No’ to the non-stick pans. Manufacturers must mention the physical hazards involved with the use of the non-stick pans and the Federal government should introduce some statutory warnings on their use.


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