A Simple Change In Attitude Can Make You A Lot Of Money

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If I were to ask you whether you want to make a lot of money, what would your answer be? We are strangers but I am quite sure I know what your answer will be. You will say yes, right?

So, how are you doing so far?

You have probably done at least one of the following: asked for a raise, took on a second job, and looked for freelancing opportunities.

You are probably starting to realize that even if you are superman, you still have only 24 hours each and every day. And that you can only double or triple that amount of money you make.

I’m guessing that you are real busy, but the money is good. You go on holiday at least once a year, dine at nice restaurants, and splurge a little when you are in the mood.

But in exchange for the good life, you effectively have no life at all because you spend all your time working.

However, I’m sure you have friends that does not quite fit into that mold. In many respects, they are quite like you. Both of you are well read, well informed and well educated. Financially, you are in the same tax bracket. Those friends of yours are pretty smart but then so are you.

However, they seem to know a thing or two about balancing their work and their life that you don’t. And they seem to be doing it very well.

In short, those friends of yours are really your peers in all respects except one – they have a life and you don’t.

Do you wonder why?

There might be a myriad of different reasons why such a difference exists but I think it boils down to one statement:

“You are worth the amount of work that you do.”

You are all about getting paid x dollars for x hours of work, while they are all about results.

Think about it for a moment. Every time you want to earn more money, you think of giving something in return. Nothing wrong with that, except that you have limited time and talent – and you want to earn a lot of money.

Put yourself into your friends’ shoes, what do you think they will do if they are trying to make more money?

I am quite sure that working harder would not be the way that they are going to do it. Most likely they will be looking to see how they can make the money while still spending the same amount of time and effort.

You need to come to terms with the fact that it is not about how many hours you work, but about the results that you produce.

So, start leveraging your time and talent instead of simply exchanging them for cash.


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