psychology and subconscious mind

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A wast subject where we can’t summarise in one sentence or paragraph or article.

But in simple terms psychology means studying about subconscious mind. Which plays a major role in life? Infact it’s the more important in day 2 day life.

let see an example how it works

Now days every one knows driving and its one of our major transport across the world. While driving we generally listen to music or chit chat with friends over phone or travelling along with you other wise we will be thinking about next program or rethinking about what happened in past so many thoughts will be…..its a continues process which never ends.

Suddenly if some comes in your way in front of your vehicle you AUTOMATICALLY apply BREAK. How it happens? Because of your subconscious mind. It has been feeded in our mind that when we find in our way we have applied a break. That program applies when we need it. People who doesn’t have strong subconscious mind they will get panicked in such cases and ends up meeting with an ACCIDENT

That’s the power of subconscious mind and its functions.

In a similar manner what ever happens in our life it will be stored in our subconscious mind. Not only things happened its applicable to what ever we read, what ever we listen from others. If we heard any bad news or any weird things it will reappear in the form of dreams.

Before coming to child psychology we have to know the growth cycle of a human

1. 0-5yrs, 2. 6-13yrs, 3. 14-27yrs, 4. 28-45yrs, 5. 46-60yrs.

0-5yrs it includes the nine months period of time which child spends in mother womb.

The entire thinking capabilities and knowledge of a child depends up on this 5 yrs of his/her remaining life

What ever he sees?

What ever he listens? All matters a lot. So as parents we have to be very careful in broughting up the child especially with language also. The behaviour between wife and husband also influences the child.

In second stage, child acts according to the subconscious mind that’s why we find some children more mischievous in that age than the other children, because there is no link between the present and the subconscious mind. That’s why they behave like that we have to be very careful in that particular age.

Coming to third stage, this is the main stage for parents because child starts implementing what he learned in past 13 yrs. Not only implementing and starts comparing with the society. That’s why teenage is bit tougher time for parents to control children. They find lot of differences and every time when they come up with a question we don’t have answer even if we have also we can’t satisfy him with that answer.

If he is not able to justify himself in teenage we all know how will be his rest of life

So as a parents be careful in starting stage of a child. His/her entire life depends on those 5 yrs only.

Be practical and realistic in that period.


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