Valtellina’s Thermal SPA’s

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Valtellina is a place located in northern Italy, north of the Lombardy region and bordering with Switzerland. Once arrived there, you will be taken by the wonderful view of this area and not only by the delicious food, and the hospitality of its people. One of the resources of this place it’s their Thermal Waters. They are mainly concentrated in two areas: The area around Bormio and in the Valmasino. These hot spring waters have been known for centuries. Each of the 4 thermal Spa’s are different, offering a variety of options but making it worth of a nice relaxing vacation.

Terme di Bormio: The history of the thermal spas in Bormio dates back to 1913, and since then more new services have been added, of course mainly health related! The Terme di Bormio, completely renovated offers everything that a water lover could ask for. There is an outdoor pool with a great panoramic view, and there is a large terrace for the summer, a Turkish bath, a relaxation area and a health center complete with sauna. And also an area dedicated to children. Along side the conventional health and rehabilitation services offered, you will find a large well being centre with tourists are drawn to. The thermal waters contain sulphate-alkaline earth natural minerals; the temperature varies between 98-104 Fahrenheit.

The old baths: In Valditerno, a few kilometers from Bormio, is a grand charming construction, a hotel, water treatments, grottos where hot spring waters gush out offering an unbeatable experience. Renovated in 2000, the hotel offers an inviting thermal spa, open to the public, comprising 26 different thermal spa activities: Sauna’s, Turkish baths, grotto, natural hydro-massage pools and an outdoor pool with a panoramic view.

The bagni nuovi at Bormio: an enchanting elegant hotel with a relaxing thermal spa can be found a few kilometers from Bormio in Valdidentro. The grand hotel Bagni Nuovi, was first established in 1836, but with time passing it has been renovated and also expanded.

The baths at Masino: situated in the middle of the Valmasino valley and is only open during the summer months, the baths are an ideal place to run away from the stressful city life. The main attractions of the valley are the thermal springs and the hotel which sits at about 1700 meters.

Most of the thermal water is used for therapeutic baths, but there is also a small fountain from which u can drink and collect water-this water is recommended to cure digestive system, and dermatological conditions.


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