How to Salvage Laptop Parts

  1. If it still have some functionality to it, you might want to think of giving it to an family member or friend as a starter laptop. Whereas it may not be as functional as the new one you just purchased it will still help on some levels to others. Donating to a local school system or children organization would be good also.

  2. If not giving to a family member, friend or donating it a charitable organization, then you may want to get out one of my other articles about making a print server out of older computers.

  3. I gave a non-functional laptop to my local computer tech shop and now I get a discount on all things I buy form them. These tech shops can saslvage
    more from the computer than what I list here.

  4. There are electronic stores, like Micro Center in the Chicago area, which sell devices which convert laptop hard drives into external usb drives. So if your hard drive from the laptop is still functional, you may want to consider making a external hard drive out of the old laptop’s hard drive.

  5. The add on memory can be moved from one computer to another. Therefore that memory in the laptop can probably be added to the new laptop for additional memory.

  6. Most other parts are salvageable,  but should be done so by an experienced electrician / electronics professional because it involves desoldering parts from the motherboard. By allowing the professional to salvage these parts for you, you lessen the chance of damaging the motherboard or the parts you are extracting.

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