Electronic Junkie

Feed my habit!

Give me plugs

to fill each orifice.

headset, earphones,

cellphone, TV

cacophony at home and office

Give me my electron buzz

of information overdose.

Muchmusic Countdown, you’re my fix.

CNN anchor – you’re the host

of all American tragedy.

Feed me schlock! I have to see

the triplets born in Nebraska,

Dateline’s report on killer bees.

Because I crave each episode,

mainline my favourite soap.

Freebase my standup sitcom high.

Ya, give me all the dope.

The muzak, big-screen, piped-in smack

fills up my empty mind.

In mall or restaurant or at home,

you’re never far behind.

Yes, I’m jacked up and floating free on the

talking, singing, dancing,

“Get the latest”, “You heard it here”,

“Stay tuned for details” spree

that numbs the feelings far too real

for “reality” TV.

I’m itching for my latest hit,

so push on me some new CD.

V-jock shoot me vids that gush

with vague celebrity.

Feed my habit!

Tap me in to newsjunkie.com.

Keep me wired on everything,

so I don’t know I’m gone.

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