Plea for Enlightenment

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Very little is known of those

Who sit in contemplation.

Looking within themselves,

Past the physical, past sensation.

They smile and nod, sublime it seems

They look as though they’re lost in dreams

Of something greater than we see,

Of something beyond patience.

I’ve tried to do the same as they,

I’ve tried to stop sensation.

I’ve sat for hours on my own,

Attempting contemplation.

I’ve gazed for days upon my thoughts

To slow them down, I just could not

Bestill my mind of crazy thoughts

Or growing agitation.

Doomed am I to write it down.

To give in to sensation.

Doomed am I to shout it out

Act crazy with oration.

Could I achieve a sublime state,

With nought to say,

And nought to state,

So deep would be my passion

For the act of contemplation.

My mind would be as still and calm

As water on a summer’s dawn.

Desire to please the crowd now gone,

I’d need no adulation.

But karma’s mine to live it out

My chance for waking up in doubt

I still insist I’ll write it out

At risk of pure damnation.

So please be kind when reading of

The passages I’m writing of

And pray that someone up above

Believes in publication

And rallies with the others there

To seek my liberation.


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