Getting Up To Date With The Music Scene

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So your a bit behind on the music scene, I’ll show you how to catch up.

Visit the site above, Its my forum. Its a brand new forum and Im trying to build a nice community, its dedicated to music so you can find out about alot of music stuff there! Talk about your favourite bands, favourite genre, favourite book, favourite movie!

Theres so much to do there, your not just stuck on music speak, theres heaps of other stuff to do there!So head on over now and check it out, Im sure you’ll like it! Forum is only new and would really like new members, there is not many now but I want that to change!

So Sign Up!

Post and Read!


and most of all,

Have Fun!

Here is our newest member who just joined;


hey my names cody, im from Sydney and Ive been playing guitar for about a year now. my favourite band is a7x!!!!!! and anything with a crazy guitar solo!
lool, anyways hope to be talkin to you laters


Welcome to MyTunes!
Hope to see you soon aswell icon_biggrin.png

Your not ignored in my forum, everyone gets a recognition and a good warm welcoming to the forum, so come along, meet the nice community and be part of the nice community, you can learn alot, have fun. Want to blow off some steam head over to our forum game section!

Games such as count to 1000+

and This or That, or Geuss The Person Beneath you;

Anyways come visit us, sign-up just post a few things and leave if you dont like it?

what have you got to lose, thats right.


so Join now!


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