How to make money selling EBooks

Most eBooks know have resale’s rights, therefore you don’t have to write your own eBooks

Step 1Decide on the kind of eBook
EBook comes in many genres or categories just like a hard copy book. Therefore decide on what kind of eBook you are going to sell, for example pets, kids, home improvement. cooking ect. Make sure that if you are not writing your eBook, that the one you purchase to sell you have resale master resale’s rights to it…

If you are writing you own ebook, you can find more information by reading this article: 2

Find a website to sellAfter you purchase your copy of eBook, find a website that you can use to sell and promote your eBooks. All you have to do is upload your file, which normally is a pdf. Format, and set a price for which you will be selling your eBooks. Make sure you find a website that allows all these features. Some website takes a percentage of your sales, while other allows you to sell your product for free. With the free websites your product is not featured product, so in order for your product to be features on the main page you have to become a premium member, which is wrongly $10-12 per month.If you want to build a website from scratch a good host we definitely recommend IDCSoft. They have tons of features, lots of disk space and an incredible support system. Get your questions answered in minutes, not hours or daysAlso you can sell you blog; you will get the code from whatever website you use to sell your products.Read this article on how to promote your ebooks

Step 3

Where to get cheap eBooks.
You can get a start on your eBooks by visiting our There you can find reasonable price eBooks about online marketing, which can also help you to promote your online business, and help you on how to promote your eBooks. There are other website where you can go do a Google search for “eBooks with master resale’s rights”

Selling eBooks is easy, fun and can increase your income dramatically!

Step 4
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