What I Think About dooyoo.co.uk, you can earn money!

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What Is Dooyoo.co.uk

Dooyoo is a place where you write reviews and share opinions. There is a vast community where people can comment on your reviews and give you feedback. You can enter competitions for money and you can make suggestions on what you want to review if it is not already on the huge Dooyoo index. I joined Dooyoo about a year ago and it was all very good, I was very involved in the community and had fun writing for them. There is a lot to write about, you could write about anything, literally. I could go onto dooyoo and write about a country, hotel, food, company, and just about every product there is, and if there is something you wanted to review that was not there then you can make a suggestion and soon you will be able to write about that as well.

Why Join?

I joined because all my friends recommended it to me. I had to see what all the hype was. I created an account on their site which was very quick and easy and started writing my first reviews. On Dooyoo you get 0.50p for writing over 150 words and you get about 1.5p every time someone reads your review, and if your review is very good then you can get a crown which is worth £1.50. That could be around 0.80p a review! It’s all done in dooyoo miles, 500 dooyoo miles is 50p. The pay is not too bad and is better than any review sites I have come across. I could easily make more than £10 in a night. My reviews were around 250-300 words because I find it hard to write to little. So as you can see the pay is good and that is the main reason on why so many people join, even though they say they don’t join for the money, which in most cases is a lie. You can redeem your dooyoo miles by check, for a minimum of £50, Amazon vouchers at £20 and you can give your money to charity.

Why I think it’s rubbish!

You may be thinking I am crazy for just thinking its rubbish, I will explain. I got banned from the site just after I went to redeem my dooyoo miles for a £50 check. They sent me an e-mail saying I did not obey the site rules, when I had read them numerous times to check I was obeying them. I did nothing against the site rules. All my reviews were well over 150 words, they were more like around 300 words and some were more than 1000 words, most of my reviews got very good comments and many people liked them. I was truly shocked when they sent that email saying you were banned, it just shows that you cannot trust these sites. Now, I can admit there are people that do make some money out of Dooyoo however they write about 2000 words for one review about something pointless like noodles, which I find pointless.

My Conclusion

If you really like writing random reveiws about anything and enjoy the hours of writing one reveiw for about £1.50 then this dooyoo is for you however if you write short reveiws then this site is not for you. The website can be fun however this is only if you like to write reveiws, else it is slave labour.

I am open to your views and personal experiences.

By Jiten


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