My opinion on the most exiting gadgets of the modern age

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This article is going to cover all the exciting, latest gadgets. As technology advances it’s hard to keep up with what’s coming out and what’s not, however do not worry because I have an article on all this exciting stuff that’s coming out soon or has already come out but you just never heard of it. Right then let’s get started.

The Epson xDesk

The Epson xDesk is an interactive table; some call it a coffee table because you can put anything on the surface of the table, it works by projections, with the very latest technology on that. This desk can also pick up Bluetooth and the most amazing fact that I find with this table is that, if you put your phone or camera on the surface of the table, the xDesk can integrate with it and you will be able to see all your files and pictures on the desk! That I find is a really cool feature. With having pictures on the table you can throw them about freely and resize them, it uses the almost the same zooming in and out finger movements as the iPod touch does, just on a fair larger scale. The Epson xDesk has a 52-inch screen and a 1024×768 touch screen display. I would be fun playing virtual air hockey.

Your probably thinking how much all this costs, knowing that its rivals like the Microsoft surface will cost around $5,000 to $10,000, well the xDesk will cost you around $19,320 (probably cheaper in future e.g. a year), so your thinking why should I go for the xDesk when I can afford a cheaper Microsoft Surface, well the Microsoft surface is only for hotels and casino’s and mainly business like that, however the xDesk is available for home use as well and you could get your hands on one. Click here if you want to see a video of it in action.

Hybrid PA Series Bag

This is the first power assisted suitcase. It can carry 85% of the weight in your luggage over its wheels with the anti gravity handle. That’s not only the amazing fact with this amazing suitcase. Just imagine if you lost your suitcase in the airport or someone stole it, you can now see where it is with its live locator id. You can also remove two parts of the bag to carry as hand luggage; these two parts are laptop sized bags. The suitcase is 100% recyclable and is a great looking suitcase from the back and from the front it’s pretty normal.

The Asus EcoBook bamboo laptop

Here is an article for all the eco loving people of the world. Asus have recently produced a laptop with bamboo panelling. Many say that this bamboo panelling resulted in a lighter laptop, which I think is true, the bamboo also gives it a stylish feel and many people are prepared to buy extra for a better looking product, an example would be some of the apple products, they have boosted the price up for many of their products because of the style, however I do admit apple’s software is better than any other and therefore I would pay more for it. Now you might be thinking that the bamboo is just for the show, but no, it is not, actually the bamboo helps absorb excess heat that the computer always produces. The down side to this laptop is that the battery life is really poor, when I had this laptop on full charge; I had to recharge it within an hour.

Inside the laptop is a amazing range from 160GB all the way up to an amazing 320GB, this is what you would expect in a larger laptop, the small 12.1 inch has remarkable power for its small size.

If you want this laptop then it will cost you £1320 for the 320GB, I think this is not a bad laptop for the price and as it is unique people do but it, including me, however I have got a new laptop now.

Crystal Weather Station

I love this gadget so much I even got one, even though I had to dig out £100; you might think I’m crazy, I mean paying £100 buying a clock that tells you the weather, strange isn’t it, well this shows you the weather in etched 3D icons, it’s a bit like them holograms you see in sci-fi movies but in a glass block. That’s not all though, if you wave your hand over the clock then you can switch between a time setting and a temperature setting. Starting to look good isn’t it. The best thing I find about this is that is looks amazingly futuristic, that’s why I got it. The main point is that it will last you for a long time and you are not likely to through it away.

Sony Vaio P-Series Netbook

This mini Netbook is has amazing looks; in fact it’s the best looking Netbook I have seen since any apple computer has come out. The p-series comes in a range of different colours for you to pick from just to make it look better. It seems to be a fashion accessory. Because it’s no larger than a letter and really light to carry you can actually put into your pocket and get it going in just a matter of seconds. I got this Netbook at a very good time as I was going to go abroad I needed a small computer that would be decent in performance. I found this Netbook very easy to carry as hand luggage because most of the time it was in my jacket pocket and if I needed it all I had to do was take it out of my pocket and get it going and it was ready to go. The disadvantage of this exiting piece of tech is that the keyboard is very compact and for me it took a while to get used to. The Netbook is also very expensive. My conclusion is that it’s a very good stylish Netbook however you should wait for the price to drop or go for an alternative.

By Jiten

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