The Apple App Store Has Reached 1.5 Billion Downloads

Yesterday I was sitting on a bus next to a stranger, he had an iphone and he did not have a single app on it. I could not help but think about what is the point of spending so much money on a phone when you are not really using it. In an iphone there is an app store and this is why most people get an iphone, because of its apps! There are loads to discover and unlike other phones you will not get bored.

On my iphone i have pages of apps that usually get deleted after a couple of days however I still keep my best apps for a little longer. I have everything I need on my iphone, for example, I have recently got this app that tells me where i parked my car, Great for a late night! I also have many other apps which tell me a range of things like, the closest fast food restaurants, sport information, and the latest news.

The iphone and its app store have been around us for quite a while, we all know this. Only a couple of weeks ago the app store hit 1 billion downloads and just now we have reached 1.5 billion downloads! That is really shocking.

Why is there so many downloads? Well there have been loads of people seeing the success of all these app developers, so more and more people are creating apps. There has also been an increase in people buying a iphone, this would be because of the new iphone 3GS. There are about 40 million devises which have an app store built in and there is about more than 65,000 apps available to consumers in 77 countries.

As you can see there is success in the app store and as we read there are more and more people purchasing apps. I take the app store as a revolution on how we get our entertainment and i am sure this will evolve. We have an app store on our phones now however in a few years time we will have an app store or something similar to it on our TV’s as well.

In the early life of the app store we and the Apple Company had no idea on how big the app store was going to be, it was unexpected.

Because of the huge success there have hardly been any changes in the app store. The games are still changing as they would, the information is there and things still costs a little. I have noticed more big names come in, like EA, one of the biggest gaming giants out there. EA has lots of games now and they really have taken this opportunity to rule the App Store as well! Still they have got great games like Need for Speed Undercover, Spore, The Sims 3, Sim City, and Tiger Woods PGA and soon to come is Fifa 10 which should be good. As you can see there have been a lot more games that are in other formats like Xbox 360 and PS3, which can be good and bad. Good because there is longer more interesting games to play, bad because they cost money to play, some up to £5.99, however it all depends on you, If you like games like this and have a lot of spare time then why not buy games like this, however you could just go home and play on the Xbox 360.

In conclusion there will soon be more app downloads then there are people in this world, which is great for people who have an iphone.

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