A Step-By-Step Guide To Niche Marketing

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Niche marketing can be defined as marketing to a subset of a larger market segment.  Although the market size will not be very big, the needs of such a market will have the advantage of being much more focused.

In the online world, niche marketing is primarily concerned with niches in which the search engine competition is low.  Normally, you will carry out the following steps:

  • Research keywords that a surfer will use to find what they want.  Pay attention to those particular keywords which has a good potential for profit and not a lot of competition in the search engine rankings.
  • Build a website or blog for Adsense revenue or revenue from other ad networks.  You can also aim to sell your own or affiliate products.
  • Optimize your blog posts, or website pages, for your targeted keywords.
  • Build links to your site or blog by submitting articles, submitting your site or blog to directories and exchanging links with other webmasters.
  • Just continue building backlinks using the previous techniques until your blog or website is ranked in the position that you want in Google.

I have outlined the basic steps above but you will probably have to mix and match as necessary.  Niche marketing is definitely not an exact science and you have to adjust accordingly.


In my opinion, you must pay for your domain name and web hosting.  They will cost you less than $11 per month.  The advantages of paying for those far weighs the small cost incurred.

There are other services you might want to consider spending money on as they will increase your productivity, and in the long run, give you a better return on the time you spent:

  • Paid writers for your articles, websites and blogs.  You can look for them at job sites like eLance.
  • Submitting your articles to all the various article directories, websites and blogs is time-consuming and probably one of the most boring activities known to man.  If you can afford it, you really must get a service that automates the submission.
  • Services that reduces the time it takes to get good anchored backlinks to your site.

Skills Needed

You don’t have to be William Shakespeare, but you must have good grammar and be able to present your ideas in a clear and concise fashion.  In addition, good spelling is also a prerequisite.  Even if you are intending to outsource the writing, there will be times when you would want to do a simple rewrite to avoid being flagged for duplicate content.

There is a lot of computer and web related work to do.  On the computer, you might find yourself touching up some graphics, or installing a software application, or even doing some html.  On the web, you would probably need to update your name servers and configure your hosting account.  You don’t need to be an expert to do all these, but some level of computer literacy would be needed.

Niche marketing is not a job but a business.  And in any business, a spirit of entrepreneurship would be needed.  While I have broken down the marketing process into a few simple steps, the details of how to implement each step varies for different people, different websites, different keywords, etc.  Each niche also presents unique challenges that you, as the entrepreneur, must meet.


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