How To Celebrate Birthdays On A Tight Budget

Birthdays are often celebrated with parties and large numbers of guests, we think that it has to be this way to make them something that is remembered by all. A lot of money is spent on them to make the day memorable; this isn’t needed to make them memorable. We often rent places to hold kids parties or pay an outrageous fee for the use of a private room with entertainment and have someone else supply the food.

Starting with the guest list you can reduce the amount spent on birthday celebrations and decrease the costs as well. When mailing invitations you can purchase a cheap pack at the local dollar store, or simply call those you wish to invite and let them know when the party is. If the party is for you then you could just decide that you want it to be immediate family and have a quite dinner at home with candle light.

The children’s birthday parties don’t have to be held in a kid targeted restaurant or somewhere that you rent. You can hold their parties at home, at a grandparent’s house or in a public park for free. This will save the costs of renting somewhere to have a child’s party and take some of the stress out of the planning.

When those you are inviting as if they can bring something, take them up on it. Even if it’s just napkins and plates or some silverware take them up on it. (You can use actual silverware you have to wash to save the costs of the plastic depending on the age of the kids.) When it comes to the plates and such for the party they don’t have to be expensive, sets can be found at the dollar stores to use for your party.

Balloons, for some reason kids like balloons. Take a pack of cheap balloons and blow them up yourself to put around the party. Limit the number of helium birthday balloons that you purchase for the party. Keep the decorations simple, maybe a banner from a previous party and some left over streamer for color.

Having the party outside will give the kids room to run around and tire themselves out. They can play ball, hide and go seek, and use there imaginations which cuts down on your expense for the party even more. A pack of individual bubbles can be gotten rather inexpensively and smaller kids love them.

When it comes to the menu, just keep it simple. Some punch or kool-aid and some snacks for the kids. Not too many sweets remember you have to have the cake. Some ice-cream and a cake should do it for the little ones. Make all the snacks and the cake yourself. Cut some carrots, celery, and sandwiches into bite size pieces. Make and decorate the cake yourself instead of buying one.

Simplifying a birthday celebration ensures that no matter how tight money is you can still have one. Don’t forget to get the guest to remember their cameras and after the party you can trade with them to get the photos that you might have missed with your camera.

Planning ahead carefully will ensure that you have an enjoyable birthday for even the youngest of children without spending a small fortune.

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