Why do we need Social Bookmarking?

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Why do we need Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is new concept in the field of internet. So, why do we suddenly need social bookmarking? The reason is we have suddenly grown the urge to attract visitors to our website or to our blogs.
There are many added advantage of social bookmarking:

  1. Links: When a site is submitted to a search engine then it searches for the number of backlinks to the site to select a rank for the website for a particular keyword. Moreover, the quality of the backlinks is also a factor. That is, the quality of the site which links back to your site is also very important. Social bookmarking sites provide very good quality backlinks.
  2. Traffic: Whenever someone submits a site to a social bookmarking site, then some description and tags are also added. Now, a person when discovers this link, comes to know about everything beforehand. That is, the person is able to know what kind of site he/she is going to visit. If the person wants to have a look on that particular content then the link is clicked otherwise abandoned. In this way, the traffic is targeted.
  3. Credibility: The credibility on case of social bookmarking sites is more. A person knows how credible is his/her friends bookmarked sites is. So, the link is clicked much faster without giving it much thought.

Social bookmarking now days is becoming more and more powerful tool to get targeted traffic. People do use many social bookmarking sites like dig, stumbleupon, reddit etc.


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