. Best Pizza Restaurants near Athens Pennsylvania

Who does not enjoy a great pizza now and then? Here in Athens Pennsylvania some of the best pizzerias in the nation surround us. Best Pizza Restaurants near Athens Pennsylvania is the focus of this article. All of these places will deliver to anywhere in Athens, Pennsylvania.

Original Italian Pizza

205 S Keystone Ave
Sayre, PA 18840-1321

Phone: (570) 888-9167‎

This is authentic Italian Pizza and you will not find frozen dough here. All the dough is freshly tossed, as it is needed. You can get all the toppings you desire and your pie will be cooked to perfection every time.

If pizza is not what you have in mind try the stuffed shells or manicotti they are wonderful. Each dinner comes with a tossed salad and fresh from the oven bread.

You can sit in their comfortable dining room or you can get it to go. Telephone your to go order in before hand so it is ready once you get there. Delivery is available with at least a $10 dollar order, be sure to tip your driver when he or she does arrive with your pie.

Parrish Family Deli

501 S Keystone Ave
Sayre, PA 18840
Phone: (570) 888-4974

If you have the chance to visit Parrish Family Deli on the corner of Keystone and Lincoln streets, try the bacon double cheeseburger pizza. That pizza is made with lots of crisp bacon, hamburger, and cheese. It is my favorite pizza here, and for a crowd pleaser, the sheet pizza simply cannot be beat.

This is a family owned and operated deli so you can also pick up the sides to go with Pizza or subs. Limited hours of operation means you cannot get this fabulous pizza for a late dinner.

Prices of pizzas and subs are comparable to other local establishments in the area. However, the portions are big enough here with the sandwiches for two or three meals. If you want a hot delicious pizza for lunch this is the place to go.

Pudgie’s Pizza

1 Garfield St
Waverly, NY

Phone: (607) 565-2004


Pudgie’s Pizza is a long time favorite here in the valley. Wherever you live in Athens, it is just a hop, skip and a jump across the border to get a slice of heaven here.  The Pudgies I grew up on was in Sayre but left the Valley for a while but returned and is quickly regaining the strength it found before. This is home of the Party Pack, a sheet pizza, 2 dozen wings and a quart of coke and it makes this an affordable dinner for all generations.

I highly recommend the pizza with all the toppings everything. It has generous portions of sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, peppers, hamburger, and cheese. Pudgies does offer delivery and make sure to tip your drivers when they deliver your fresh hot food.

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