How to Earn More on Bukisa?

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Bukisa is a website which allows its registered users to earn money by writing articles. The earnings are based on the number of visitors to the articles. The more the number of views, the more is the earning. But the question is what to write and how to get more visitors. Here are some ways by which one can earn more:

  1. Write more. Try to write more and more articles so that even if you get few visitors to each article, the total number of visits to all the articles will be much more. Suppose you have 100 articles online, then even one visitor to each article will yield much to you.
  2. Choose a proper topic. Do not write too many articles on what is searched very little on the internet. Try to surf the internet and find out what is the contemporary and highly searched topic and write about it. The content must be good. Write articles with topics beginning with “How to”. Like “How to earn more on Mylot”.
  3. Formatting. The content must be properly formatted. The important points must be in bold. Do not write the complete content in one paragraph. The content must look good so that the visitor or reader stays for a long time to read the article till the end. Include some pictures if necessary.
  4. Backlinks. An article will get more visitors from search engines if it has got many backlinks. Backlink means linking to your site from other webpages. If you have a blog then post the links of your articles there. Moreover, interlink your different articles, so that if a visitor visits one of your articles and likes it then he/she may like to read more from you.
  5. Social bookmarking. Now days, social bookmarking has revolutionized the targeted visitors concept. Submit your articles to different social bookmarking sites like dig, stumbleupon, reddit etc. with tags and keywords and see how your visitors stats increases.

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