How to Earn More on Mylot?

Mylot is a paid to discuss or paid to post site. Here people discuss about some topic in a few sentences and get paid. There are enormous categories to choose from. One can either start a new discussion or respond to an already started discussion. Mylot has introduced some new features also, so that earnings can increase more. I have got my payment of $10 to my paypal account from there. You can see the payment proof in my blog. Here are some tips which I will share with you to earn more.

  1. Write in details. Always try to write in details. But do not write off-topic, otherwise your post may be deleted by the admin. If you write in more details, then you will earn 5-6 cents for one post rather than 1 cent. To get paid for your posting, never write less than 5-6 meaningful sentences.
  2. Start new discussions. I had heard from other mylotters that for starting new discussions, earnings are more. And it is true. The earnings in cents are one-third of the number of responses your discussions get. If your discussion gets 30 responses, then the earning is 10 cents. Do not repeat your previous discussions. Do not try any hard topic to discuss; otherwise people will not like responding to it.
  3. Make more and more friends. Mylot allows users to get updates in their mail as well as in their front page from their friends. So, the more the number of active friends, them ore is the chances to get response from them. Also, respond to your friends’ discussions so that they will also respond to your discussions in return.
  4. Upload photos. One can upload as many photos as one wishes to Mylot. Mylot has many categories. Just upload more and more photos with one line description about the photo and see your earnings increasing.
  5. Tasks. This is a new feature included in Mylot recently. The users, if they have some tasks to be done by others, post it here and pay for it. So, do the tasks and the earnings are added to the main balance.

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