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My name is of spanish and Portuguese descent. It is thought to be a prevalent name. My name means the same in any part of the world or so I think. It is like the number everyone doesn’t comprehend but is aware of it. It’s a bright color that hides behind a darker one. The unique color everyone likes and seems to have. It is the name my old ancestors have had.

It is what my grandpa was called. It was my grandfather‘s name and now it is mine which I correspond to. He was a smart man, knew how to write and read even though he never placed a foot in school or not such thing as he used to said. He was a serious, sincere man and a very much respectful guy. He was well-thought-of and considered a genuine type of man as I, without any highs, consider myself.

I was named Francisco for the reason that when I was born, I looked as my grandpa did when he was a little boy. I inherited his name and will proudly carry it on my shoulder for the following sub-sequences of my life. I will make my name and my last name known. I will make them rise to the surface. Thereby, when people hear “Francisco” they will think of greatness; “Francisco” will represent me and embody my family as a genuine family.

My name is very special for me because…

It symbolizes and signifies who I am.

It exemplifies all of my alluring and charismatic qualities.

It implies me; makes me understood without expressing me directly.

It epitomizes all that I had overcome and become through the sequences of my life.

It is a long-standing name that represents me.

It is me.


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