Characteristics of Living things

Everything around us is either living or nonliving things. Living things are things that are alive. Nonliving things are things that were not alive or have never been alive. But sometimes it is not easy to tell whether something is alive or not. A dog palying with its tail is certainly a living thing. A duck flying in the air is also a living thing. But how about plants? We show that they are just keep quiet in their places without moving everywhere. Can we say plants as the living things too?

To be able to categorize as a living thing, an object should show 7 characteristics of living things which are:

1. Living things grow

2. Living things obtain and use energy by feeding food.

3. Living things move.

4. Living things reproduce.

5. Living things respond to their environment.

6. Living things give off waste (excrete)

7. Living things breathe.

Sometimes nonliving things also show some of the characteristics of living things. Look at the stalagtit or stalagmit. They grow. So, are they living thing because they grow? Or look at a car. It can move. But because a car can move, do we categorize it as a living thing? To be able to categorize as living things, an object must show all 7 characteristics of living things.

Characteristics of living things:

1. Grow

Living things grow. Look at the photographs of you when you were a baby. Compare with your condition now. Is is still the same? No. You have grown. You body get bigger and taller.

2. Eat

Liivng things obtain and use energy. They get the energy from the food they eat.

3. Move

Living things can move. Birds can fly. LIons can run, jump, walk. You can swim, run, walk, and jump.

4. Reproduce

Reproduction is a process by which living things make more living things. The purpose is to keep their kind still exist. Different living things reprodoce with different ways. Some by giving birth to young, some by laying eggs, and some the combination of laying eggs and giving birth.

5. Respond

What happen when you see a bright light? You will close your eyes. You respond to the changes around. Look at the birds on a tree. When there is a loud noise, the birds will fly away. The birds as living things respond to changes around them.

6. Excrete

Living things need to give off the waste in their body or it will become poison in their body. The examples of excretion are urine, faeces, and sweat.

7. Breathe

Living things breathe. To breathe means to take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide.

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