If Classified Ads, Craigslist and Internet Advertising Doesn’t Work, Why Do They Contact Me To Sell Me Their Products?

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I am promoting a business opportunity also. I have chosen at this time to do as much free advertising as possible. Ads are placed in social networking sites, Craigslist, and Free Classified Ad sections.

I know that branding yourself is a big plus. It is one of the first things you should do. No matter what your up line tells you, you first have to sell yourself to get anyone to join with you.

I recently posted an ad on Craigslist. Anyone that posts on Craigslist knows you have an option at the end of your ad that you can request not to be contacted by someone else trying to promote their opportunity. I always take the option of not being contacted by someone trying to sell me their opportunity when I place an ad. My mindset at that time is to place my ad about my business and when someone looks at my ad they can choose whether they want more information or not. If they want some information they will contact me with their questions, concerns or to let me know they have ordered my product to try and will let me know what they like about it after they start taking it.

With my last ad I placed on Craigslist I got a response with a name and phone number only. Since we work as a team with our down line my up line sponsor got on the phone with me to call this person and answer any questions they had. They weren’t home at that time so we left a message with our name and phone number and asked him to call back.

About 30 mins later my up line was on the phone with me to let me know that she had this gentleman (we will call him Jeff) was on the phone. She said Jeff is on the line with us and he wanted to let us know about what he does and how he can help us. Jeff then took over the conversation. He proceeded to tell us how he worked in public relations for years with big named companies and that we needed to brand ourselves and not promote our company. Promote yourself not the company, because there are only a few in the company making big money anyway and they really don’t care about you at all. If you were to leave tomorrow they would never contact you and ask you what they could do to get you to stay. They really only worry about their company profiles. That we should call corporate and ask them why they are doing press releases.

Come to find out what he was doing was trying to sell us his services to write us a press release. We listened to him, we were nice, cordial all the good things. When we started asking him questions to me he seemed to avoid questions and started repeating himself. He kept telling us he could write these in a night. He gets the information from a client, goes out to walk the dog and think, then comes back in writes the press release and forwards it on in one night all in the same day. I asked him to give me some references I could check out and look at some of his work. He finally gave me a website I could look at. He gave me another website to look at so I could see the finished product. My up line asked him if it would be possible to get him to write one and we could see if it really worked and if it did then send him the money and he flat out refused.

He kept telling us he could write us a press release it would be about us, our background, and our products. I said I understand that. He said press releases are the way to go. Advertising doesn’t work. I said when you write the press release do you then check with the company to make sure the wording is the way it should be and he said ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! He said he does not get into the legality of wording or anything like that. He doesn’t run it past a legal department. He only promotes the person, their background and their products. We let him know in our case when he promotes our products it in turn does promote our company and there is certain legalities we have to follow. He said not if you are promoting yourself and not your company.

He had no idea about our products, our company or anything about myself or my up line sponsor. He assumed we knew nothing and he kept on telling us our company did not care about us.

So I am just wondering, If Craigslist Ads don’t work then why did he read it and contact me? Seems like he might get some business himself off of Craigslist.

Moral of this story is:
Yes you do need to brand yourself. I would think everyone out there already knows this in some sort of way. You should always be thinking outside the box. You need to do what works best for you. You can let others know how you are doing things, but you should never tell someone else what they are doing is all wrong. What works for you might not work for someone else and what they are doing might not be the right thing for you. It is always good to get ideas from others.

If you want to do a press release that is a great thing, but you don’t have to pay someone $150 then go to the place they tell you to go and pay another $80 to get it posted. I think he was an affiliate of this place and was looking to make some commission off of us.


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