The Adaption

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Like on a daily basis I wake up at six O’clock in the morning. Not knowing how life will defy me today. I get out of my room and get in to the bathroom. I take a bath with a lot of difficulties since I don’t have a limb in my right arm which used to be my key hand. , it came the most difficult part of all, getting dressed and did I mention that I live unaccompanied (ALONE). So, when nearing at the point of getting dressed I don’t try to scuttle myself because I know it’s going to be complicated and uneasy. It takes a lot of time to put the clothes on when a limb is missing off of your main arm. Then, when I’m done I put some gel on my hair and go out.


It’s sad to know that you’re doing something one day and then you’re at the hospital in front of people telling you that you had an accident. Everything happens at a blink of an eye. And suddenly you notice you cannot feel the limb of your arm. For a long, long, long moment you see the world falling right on your face. You ask yourself many questions; Is this really happening? Why to me? What have I done to deserve this? How am I going to survive? And much more. You get angry at everything for reason or no reason. That what happens when it occurs to you just like it happened to me. But now, when I’m always at a point of turning the back on something I see that I can’t do I remember what my father used to say “In life you will find many difficult tasks but that won’t mean they are impossible to do.” Since man put foot on earth, adaption has being a key element of our survival.


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