The Bogeyman

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Everyone had experienced it, lying in bed as children. In the dark, we had suddenly notice an inexplicable shadow. A mysterious shadow that it is staring at us and we are there scared to death. Next, a bizarre noise would come from the hallways, and everything in the room seemed to come to life. We close our eyes and covers our entire bodies from top to bottom so we wouldn’t be discovered by you know who, the bogeyman.

If you don’t know who is the bogeyman I guess you had never been a child. The bogeyman is a child biggest fear. It fears because he comes late on the night when you’re sleeping in your bed and gets you. No one had live to tell. There have been stories about the bogeyman. Some say he is the devil or some bad spirit that takes those who are not good with their parents, while others say he is just a tale that was made to sdscare kids.

There are tales that say that if a kid is bad the bogeyman would come and get him/her. Since then, when children are bad the parents tell them that if they do not stoop being bad the bogeyman will come and get them. So, obey your mom and dad or the bogeyman will come and get you. Wait, don not turn off your lights.


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