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Baking soda is not used just for baking anymore; it actually has a variety of functions. It is amazing how many uses there are from cleaning to beauty ritual.
The following are 10 different ways to use baking soda:

1. The ever popular -stick an open box in your refrigerator to eliminate bad odors. Eventually though you will still have to throw away your expired milk and your old vegetables, no matter how many boxes you use, but it does stall the process for awhile.
2. Once you decide that it is time to clean the inside of the refrigerator, use baking soda with warm water, and it will make the process of cleaning a little easier.
3. Mixing a little of baking soda and peroxide you can have whiter teeth in no time. Try the mix after you wash your teeth with regular toothpaste, then put a little of the mix on your toothbrush and just brush normally.
4. If you have a tendency to have dandruff, or use a lot of hair product, use some on your hair before shampooing it and then rinse.
5. Also Baking Soda mixed with baby powder becomes a good deodorant as it will absorb your sweat. The best way of using this kind of deodorant is to put it on right after you shower.
6. It can clean out your kidneys- put a small amount in a glass of water and drink it. But this is not advised if you have dietary restrictions, such as a low-sodium diet.
7. If you do not want to buy those expensive scented drawer sachets, put some baking soda in a small sachet, and put it in drawers or closets. It will not have a vanilla scent but it will do the job of eliminating the musty odors.
8. Mix baking soda with dry oatmeal either in a blender but if you do not have one, you can just mix it with a spoon and then apply to face. And you have an easy facial scrub.
9. Hair brushes and Combs can be cleaned with Baking Soda. Just add some warm water and it will get rid of all the unwanted hair on the brush and the product build-up on combs.
10. If you are a coffee or tea drinker, you will soon realize that these beverages tend to stain the mug. But by putting baking soda in the mug and washing it – voila’ the stains are gone.


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