Your company is cheap…

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Most companies are all about saving money and making money, nothing wrong with that. That’s what makes the world go round right? It should be a give and take situation; you get rewarded for being loyal and bringing business. Sometimes though companies have it set in their mission statement that you should be grateful just to have a job. Their mindset might be stuck in the early 20th century. Have you ever thought that the company you worked for makes Scrooge look generous?

Well here are a few ways to tell:

When Higher Ups (Top Management, CEO’s) quit and there is no replacement, it equals to bitter employees that are understaffed, underpaid and overworked, and the Company thinks this is saving them a lot of money. But is it really? When employees are overworked, sometimes their work lacks quality and may be full of mistakes, which in turn might cost the company even more.

When you get up the nerve to go to your boss to ask for a raise with all the backup of your hard work and they look at you and say: “You should just be happy that you get a paycheck”.

When a client comes into town and since you were unable to find a good quality hotel for $50 or less the company decides they will stay at someone’s house or apartment.

When the company decides to change holiday guidelines orally instead of writing the day before the chosen holiday may it be Christmas, New Year’s or Thanksgiving.

When the company makes hourly employees clock out to sing “Happy Birthday” to coworkers.

When you ask for your hard earned one week vacation and they say no because you asked between the months of August – December.

When you decide its time to move on with another company, your boss asks you to stay but doesn’t back it up with any kind of offer be it higher salary or flextime.

When taking pictures is part of your job but are requested to buy an expensive camera out of your pocket, and if you don’t get it the repercussions might be of you not having a job.

Now do you feel that your company has any of these characteristics or better yet none of them match up. So how does your company fit in all this?


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