Gaining Karma and helping children

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A lot of people believe in Karma and I for one am one of those, some people do not believe in it and that is OK too, but if you are in the school that does here are a few ways to increase your karmic fortune and at the same time giving out a helping hand for the children. These are just a few ideas to start out with

Build a tree house for children to play in.

Volunteer at your child’s school or volunteer/donate for a cause that is there to help children in need; there are plenty to choose from, you can ask at different locations such as churches or schools and they will be happy to give you more information.

Donate your old children’s books to a local library or an elementary school

Go to the hospital and visit the children’s ward and volunteer or donate toys such as a train set or dolls or just hang out with them and tell them stories.

Volunteer to baby sit so your friends, brother or sisters can go out and have a quiet relaxing evening.

Tell your children, grandchildren, great grand children, nieces and nephews that you love them and show your love through actions regularly, daily or weekly.

Adopt a local child or adopt a child through the distance program

Make a child laugh, by learning knock-knock jokes or offer them a milkshake or a piece of pie for no reason.

Bake for the local adoption center.

Join Big Sister/Big Brother program.


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