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An old dictionary I have defines a “scrapbook” as “a blank book for photos, clippings, etc.” Today’s scrapbook is so much more than that definition, yet still uses those same elements.

One of the most important elements needed to start scrapbooking is memories. These memories can be in the form of photos or clippings, as mentioned above, but can also consist of items like tickets, postcards, pamphlets, and stories that have yet to be written down.

Since we all have memories of some sort, we can all scrapbook, right? Well, probably not – scrapbooking even in its simplest form requires two more key elements: time and imagination. Many of us are guilty of taking too many photos; in these days of digital photography, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, because we have the option of printing only those we want – but we still have to search through the card or camera and decide what we want printed, which takes time. Putting together a scrapbook that conveys your memories in a fun, well-organized way also takes time: time to shop for the products you need, time to decide what photos you want on the page, time to journal about your memories, and time to put it all together. Putting it all together brings us to the other previously-mentioned element: imagination.

You want to convey a sense of organization in your scrapbook, but you also want it to be fun. Thankfully, there are a number of scrapbooking magazines and websites that offer ideas you may be able to adapt – or “scraplift” – to your theme or photos. In order to put it all together, you need the final element of scrapbooking: supplies.

Supplies for the beginner scrapbooker are pretty basic: an album, papers, scissors, a paper trimmer, pens for journaling, and a couple of different types of adhesives. There are many craft stores that carry scrapbooking supplies, and there are also – if your area is lucky enough – whole stores devoted to scrapbooking; of course, the internet is also a great place to find scrapbooking supplies, but it may be easier to buy the basics hands-on, where there’s someone who can possibly help you narrow down your many choices. The cost of these supplies not only varies by region and the company making the products, but also on the size scrapbook you decide to make: 12″ x 12″ is probably the most common size – and usually costs the most – but papers and albums are also available in 6″ x 6″, 8″ x 8″, and 8-1/2″ x 11″ sizes (other odd-sized albums are also available). Your preferred size may be dependent on your available storage area – for both your supplies and your finished albums.

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