All About Bonnie Wright and Ginny Weasley

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I’m sure most of the fans by now are well aware that actress Bonnie Wright portrays the younger sibling Ginny Weasley on the Harry Potter series of films. The actress was just 9 years old when she was originally cast for the part of the smallest red headed child in the family. She was first scene at the train station but over the first several movies her role remained marginal at best. However on the most recently released Half Blood Prince the starlet became the love interest everyone’s favorite young wizard.

There may be some spoilers ahead for those that have yet to finish reading the books or are interested in being surprised with the series. Ultimately things get hot and heavy between Bonnie Wright and her role of Ginny Weasley considering that the character marries Harry Potter near the end. Then of course Hermoine Granger marries Ron so we get all the popular ones related and together as a conclusion.

I guess the biggest question out there for those fans of both Bonnie Wright and the work as Ginny Weasley is what happens once this is all finished? Will she further her career in the entertainment business or will she get into a relationship and settle down. I guess this can only be known by the young woman herself. Perhaps she may not even have a clue yet herself as is the case with many teenagers out there in the real world. But it’s certain that Bonnie Wright will at least be in the spotlight for a few more years as Ginny Weasley until the Harry Potter sage comes to a close.


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