How to Start a Blog

Step 1

speech_Thumb.jpg Nail down a topic.
This is the most important place to start. What do you want to blog about? You will need to nail down your topic, and the target audience that you want to speak to. Whatever your topic is about, know it inside and out. You want people to come to you because you know it all… not hope over to the next closest blog.

Step 2

Where do you want to host your blog?Once you know your topic, you will need to find out where you want to house your blog. There exists a multitude of blog/web hosting sites, so how do you know which is right for your blog? Depending on how advanced you are, you can host your blog at many free sites like Sites like these offer tools for beginners that can help you blog like the pros. Do your research and find out which is right for you.

Step 3
Promote your blog.In order to get viewers, you need traffic going to your blog. In order to get lots of traffic, you will need to feverishly promote your blog. In order to promote your blog, submit it to social bookmarking sites like and Also do an internet search for blog directories. These are sites that host links to blogs of every type and variety. Make sure to submit your blog to as many directories as you can find. Blogrolling is a great way to increase links and traffic to your site as well. Blogrolling is exchanging links between your blog, and someone elses blog. This can be a great way to increase your notoriety in the blogging world. Always ask the owner of the blog if you can add a link to their blog before you go ahead and do it.

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