The best way to avoid pig flu?

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A spoonful of sugar, it was sang, helps the medicine go down. Now the manufacturers presumably tried to alter that to “a spoonful of sugar in your drink keeps the doctor away”, with the new doctor trying to replace the old ones perhaps, by using lots of spoonfuls of sugar? In fact so much sugar that in a 250ml serving there is 25.9 grams (29% your RDA) of the teeth rotting white stuff. So does sugar make a good painkiller or not only one way to find out. A very silly review.

So what is the good doctor?
Well the good doctor in this case (a 500ml bottle) is a rather sexily dressed lil thing, wearing a slinky lil see through number, a think red belt to cover her modesty and a very powerful and dominant looking hat. The doctor has an un-naturally dark brown complexion due more than likely to some E’s (can’t blame a doctor for dabbling), which are listed along with the other ingredients on the label. Those include Carbonate water, Sugar, flavouring, the aforementioned colouring, preservatives and Phosphic Acid and was nicely bottled from those lovely guys at Coca Cola. Obviously Coca-Cola are trying to help the poor NHS and reduce their work load, especially in this current climate of outbreak of Piggy Flu (Dr Pepper said that was the right name).

Right so how good is the doctor?
At the moment I’m genuinely suffering a bad back and my wisdom teeth are breaking through, so I’m going to put myself forward for the role of patient, which just so happens to allow me to taste the product and review it. Smart really. So lets test the Dr’s ability to solve my medical problems, and, even if that fails, a taste test is always fun.

Taking the hat off the poor Dr seemed to anger them, they shouted at me, as if to suggest they were full of feelings and annoyance that I was to intrude upon them. So to suggest the bottle is anything less than fresh would be ludicrous, the fizz was spitting out of the top of the bottle making a run for freedom like a caged animal that had seen it’s chance to run. That was opening of the Dr’s special medicine, which was a little angrier than I expected.

The flavour seems to be really cinnamonny which would appear to be the special ingredient (more E’s) for the Dr’s wonderful medicine, oddly despite the anger though, it’s smooth and easy to drink with out the violent explosions in your mouth that could have been expected. The cinnamon is a delightful, if different and odd taste, imagine Cinnamon Grahams in a liquid form and bottled, viola you have Dr Pepper, Dr Graham Pepper? 
Looking on the belt, the little description on the bottle labels the drink as a “fruit flavoured soft drink”, now to people like me (“ill” people) that’s a little bit confusing, as lets be honest, we hear “fruit flavoured soft drink” and expect something with a base from Orange, Lemon, Lime, Blackcurrants or even Pineapple. The fact it’s Cinnamon is a little weird but that clever Dr of ours seems to believe in herbal remedies, the spice based drink I guess couldn’t sell it’s self on being a “Spice flavoured drink” due to a popular alcoholic beverage of course being made from spice. But the doctors choice of herbal remedy not only tastes good, but it’s smooth, different and holds a lot of taste for us poor “patients”. Oddly whilst drinking it, the pain in my tooth went away, coincidence or the magical healing powers of Dr Pepper? Decide for your self (sadly the back still hurts).

The drink can regularly be bought in cans or bottle from about 500ml up to 2L at vastly ranging prices (B M Stores are currently selling 500ml bottled for 49p), and it is different to every other soft drink I’ve ever drank. Really original and different taste. However whether the medical properties are really there are disputable, what is sure is that it’s a taste I personally enjoyed, and the Dr is always welcome in my house. In fact the drink is a perfect drink for the office, the Dr told me so 😉

RDA- The doctor advises you try not to to go over your RDA, and that you should only have Dr Pepper as part of a balanced diet. (All figures are per 250ml serving).
105Kcal (5%)
25.9 g Sugar (29%)
0 g fat (0%) (and by virtue no saturates)
Trace of salt (<1%)

Author note:
The Author doesn’t think that Drinking Dr pepper will make you universally immune to illness.


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