Types of Motorcycles

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Motorcycles have become a part of the American culture over the years. They have also become the most affordable form of motorized transport in some regions of the world. They provide excitement and adventure for anyone who enjoys the feel of the wind blowing in their faces and the feel of the throttle under their fingers. There are three basic types of motorcycles: Full dress (or Touring), Cruisers, and Racing motorcycles.

There are also off-road motorcycles and dual-purpose motorcycles.

Full dress motorcycles, also know as touring motorcycles, are designed for comfort. They are equipped extra equipment that makes long trips on the road more comfortable. They have hard shell trunks on either side of the back fender to store luggage that a person may wish to carry with them. They also come with many other features like full fairings, windshields, and a dashboard. They also usually come with audio equipment and an in-dashboard navigation system (GPS). An advanced suspension is also outfitted on these heavy bikes to smooth out the road and to add to the pleasure of long rides.

Cruisers, which include choppers, are the motorcycles that have been the main contributors to the “biker image”. Choppers get their name from their “chopped” frame, which has an extended front fork that is raked beyond a standard cruiser. Choppers have been popularized by many movies and have a distinct attitude to their look. Standard Cruisers are less extreme concerning their fork rakes and are designed for more laid-back riding. Cruisers and choppers are also the most customized motorcycles. Many owners can invest over $30,000 when customizing their motorcycles.

Lastly, there are Racing Motorcycles. These motorcycles are built for high speeds. They are usually lighter than other motorcycles. The riding position is hunched over as to allow the rider to take on curves at high speed. The hunched-over position also cuts wind resistance and allows higher cruising and top speeds to be reached. These motorcycles are also flashy in their presentation and can come in bright colors and aggressive styling.

Off-road motorcycles are mainly used in motorcross racing classes and are not street legal in most areas. They are equipped with a responsive suspension that adapts to the many jumps and bumpy terrain associated with the sport of motorcross. Extra knobby tires are also added to aid in traction.

Dual Purpose motorcycles are made to go off-road and may have some features of off-road motorcycles, such as the specialized tires, but also include features that make them street legal and comfortable for street riding.


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