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I have always wanted to write a book about my life but with just these articles I linked to above I guess in a way I already have. Most of the stuff I write about comes from my heart about important things people should know about. I hope you enjoy this journey we are about to take.

My Love is a poem I wrote about the man in my life. Sometimes it is hard due to the fact we are from different cultures. I love him with all my heart but sometimes it is hard to get that across to him. I wrote this poem last year and it just seemed never to move forward. To me it is from my heart filled with emotions.

Your Kitten was written for my partner and in the poem I am the kitten. It is fun filled and a romantic piece if you read between the lines. I smile each and every time I read this one.

Fly With the Angels has special meaning to me I wrote this poem for my mother after she passed away. It has been 5 years since her death and each day I still miss her a great deal. I love you mom forever and ever. I hope that others who read this and have lost their Mom can relate to my feelsing.

Thanksgiving Soldier was written for a very good friend of mine who was a marine but not an American citizen. This is my feelings on his fighting for each and every one of our freedom. He was deployed to Iraq a few years ago and I gave him this poem before he left. It is my tribute to him and all of the troops who fight this war for us including my son.

Being My Mom’s Caregiver for anyone out their who is a caregiver for a loved one, I know they will understand this story of my own 8 year journey caring for my mother. Although it is the most difficult job I believe anyone can do it is also the best. I wish I had another 8 years to care for my beloved mom but 5 years ago her battle ended.

My Hero I wrote for my brother who till date is still my hero. He has always been there for me since I was a small child. I never have given this article to him to read but who knows maybe after I get some of your comments Ill get the courage.

Living With a Member of the Geek Squad was written for my partner the geek. He is always bringing some kind of electronic hard to operate techno stuff into our home and I ssem to have a lot of trouble operating it. This will give you a chuckle.

Navy Mom came into the picture after my youngest son joined the Navy. It was very hard for me when he joined with whats happening in the Middle East, but I have never felt the pride I also felt. Frightened and Proud thats what being a Navy Mother is all about. He was in Iraq for the past four months and will be coming home finally in August. Anyone who has a loved one in that place will relate to this.

Sleepless In Lowell anyone who sleeps with a partner who snores can relate. The wakeless nights listening to their horrid sound but putting up with it out of love. Funny yet true this is a nice one.

The Man Behind SIC Iraq this one is also heart felt. I interviewed the man who owns the security company in Iraq. He was there and with the power of the internet and yahoo messanger we did the interview. He is a brave young man who I am very proud to call my friend.

I could go on and on because I have a ton of articles posted. Most of these are older posts that seemed to have died and I am bringing them back to live with your help.


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