How to think of a Safe and Secure Password

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Step 1

Find a pen and paper to help you capture your new safe and secure passwords. If you are like me and tend to forget new things (especially little details), you should keep this piece of paper in a secure place after you are done in case you need to refer to it in the short-term as you build your memory.

Step 2

THINK OF A PERSONAL PHRASE ABOUT YOURSELF. To create a new password that is safe and secure, think of a simple PHRASE about yourself that is easy to remember. This could be something like “I have a brother named Earl” or “Red and green are my two favorite colors.” After you have this phrase in mind, write them down.

Step 3

FIRST LETTERS = NEW SAFE PASSWORD. Your new safe and secure password will actually be made up of the FIRST LETTERS OF EACH WORD IN YOUR PHRASE. So, using my examples in Step 2, your new safe password will be: “ihabne” or “ragamtfc”. As you can see, this arrangement of letters appears to be totally random but for you, easy to remember!

Step 4

SECURE YOUR PASSWORD BY ADDING NUMBERS OR SYMBOLS. OK, after you have this phrase, you can secure this password even more by adding numbers or symbols to your password. Consider this idea – you can replace letters with corresponding numbers – 1 for i, 2 for t, 3 for e, 4 for f, 5 for v, 6 for x, 7 for s, 8 for g, 9 for n, @ for a. Again, using my examples above, the passwords would be: “1h@b93” or “r@8am24c”.

Step 5

MEMORIZE YOUR PASSWORD. Since the phrases you used should be personal, it should be fairly easy to remember but again, if you want to make sure you do not forget in the short-term, simply keep the piece of paper you used in a secure place and refer back to it if you need to. I hope this is helpful!


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