Make extra money with MyLot and Twitter

Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr + and are very great ways to advertise and socialize all at the same time! First we will cover MyLot.

When you are a member of MyLot, the first few things you may notice are…

  1. The organization of interests. Mylot has a built-in system to help their users find new discussions about what they are interested in. You can choose as many as you want and customize your earning experience.
  2. The fact that you can earn money just by posting and replying on topics of your choice, it is natural and there are no restrictions or requirements on the length or topic of your posts. This makes it a very easy and user-friendly way to make an income just by talking to people online.
  3. Almost every user you will meet at MyLot is extremely friendly and helpful! I have met so many nice people on this site that I am constantly amazed and greatful.
  4. It is very interesting and fun to communicate at MyLot. If you have issues with just about anything, you can post a topic with your question or statement and within minutes you will have some great advice from many mylot users! (including me)
  5. This site is great for many things but the money-making and earning sections are some of the most popular on there, this is where I spend most of my time. MyLot is great for advertising too, as long as you DO NOT place referral or affiliate links in your posts. All referral links must be sent in a Personal message or displayed on your own customized profile. You can even place banners with HTML from any source on the web.

Ok so now that we know we can advertise our affiliate links in our profiles on MyLot, and place blog or website links right in our post… we will be able to manually generate a substantial amount of *quality* traffic to them.

Now we have the well-known twitter! I am quite sure most average people that spend time on the web have a twitter account. I made one awhile ago when it got really big, but I never quite found a good use for it, until now.Twitter is probably the simplest thing on the internet that has became huge. The whole idea of it is to update your profile every now and then to tell the world what you are doing or anything else you ever wanted them to know. Well… that can become quite handy. You see with Twitter you can get a great amount of followers rather quickly, especially if you already have a blog. Just put your “follow me” button everywhere you can and see how many people you get. After using it for a day or two or however long you have already had it, simply start posting links to whatever you want. You can leverage this site to make you a handsom amount of money if you make multiple twitter accounts and join up with a few sites such as Another option is to make a PTC Blog: and then post that link on Twitter and MyLot.

Both of these sites have multiple ways you can advertise and gain referrals for PTC sites or generate sme traffic to your Bukisa Articles. If used correctly you will soon have multiple streams of income heading in your direction! These tactics are some of the best I have found for making money online. Use them to your advantage.


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