My review on the eJay music creation program!

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eJay is a software series where you the customer can create music. Sounds nifty right? It is. But it is not without its faults.

Dance 5

My first copy was “Dance 5”. Right as I installed it and read through the manual, I picked up on how easy it was to use. I listened to all of the sound samples they recorded, and it was pretty neat. I even found that I could compose my own notes, using what they had to offer, and it was a fairly large library of over 100+ sounds, in different categories, such as “Acid”, “Mellow”, and “Percussion”.

So this is cool. I can make my own music, not just by their samples, but now I can compose it. If I wanted to, I could resize and replace different samples to make something original. There are 48 tracks I can use to line up my music the way I need to, so now I can make one track have less volume, or another play on the Left Speaker.

It’s a pretty neat software… But there’s downsides and a humorous part.

The software is highly prone to crashing, and does so almost to the point that you have to save every new change you make. I don’t know if it was because they made the software in Germany and they have different computer requirements, or whatever.

On top of that, when I compose my own notes, sometimes an entire section of drums would sound off out of nowhere, and I find that all of my drum tracks have been selected on the first 16th note. Then of course when I use a bass or melody line, they tend to chop silent at the last part of the phrase, like a chop. The most annoying is when the whole song goes silent, even after doing everything right, which means I have to reload the song all over again.

The humorous part was uninstalling it. The dialog box calls it “Deinstalling”.

Dance 6

Dance 6 was the second one I got in the series. Things are a lot more different in this one. Now I could zoom into my tracks, now I could use a stronger synth system to compose my bass and melody lines to sound different from what they provided already. I could import almost every sample from Dance 5. Keyword: almost. I’ll explain later.

There’s a whole new set of sounds for me to use now, and rightfully so. There’s even a control to control what part of the timeline I want to change the volume effects, like pan, echo, etc.

The downs for this program… When you make a sample way too small, you can’t select it, unlike in Dance 5. As if that wasn’t enough, I like how I could import Dance 5 into the program, but it only allows me the “Acid” samples to do my melodies. What if I wanted my “Mellow” and “Percussion” sounds?

It’s especially annoying when this one crashes… At least Dance 5 warns me and shuts down. This one exits out of the program immediately. Saving is paramount.

Hip-Hop 4

I’ll be honest, I really didn’t care for this one. Not just because I’m more into dance music than I am into hip-hop, but the program was just… Minimal. Here’s my review.

It makes me laugh when you mix a German software production team with the gangsta scene… Some of the lyric samples they gave are in German, which is just hilarious. On top of that, the only customizable part of the program was the drumline. I couldn’t add my own melody.

The one thing I thought was cool was the record-spinning part. Now I could make my own scratching and rewinding noises. But that’s about it really.

Overall Summary

The eJay series is more or less a good way to just toy around or learn with. The benefit is that the sounds are royalty-free, so you can indeed make and sell your own music using their sounds mixed up and your composition with it. With enough patience and understanding to go around its flaws you can make some dope tracks with it.

Otherwise, it is an extremely buggy, unorganized, unnecessarily process-hungry program that has very clunky continuity problems in the series. Be ready to hit Save a lot, and get a sound-editing software like Audacity to take care of sound failures that can be remedied if you know what to do. Again, you need patience.


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