Easy Xbox 360 Achievements – Quick, Easy, and Fun

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Guide for Easy 12,000 + Gamerpoints

Top 3 easy games are at the beginning of the list.

All the games that I recommend playing are bolded. In other words, games that have easy achievements but are also very fun and worthwhile to play.

1. Avatar: The Legend Of Aang – The Burning Earth: The epitome of easy achievements and it takes easy achievements too, too, too far. OMG you will get 1000 gamer points in literally 5 minutes. It’s a super easy button masher. I recommend you rent it for a day because other than the points there is no point in playing this.

2. TMNT: 1000 points for a 4-6 hour play through.

3. King Kong: Simply an easy game in which to obtain all achievements together worth 1000. Definitely one of the better games to boost your gamerscore as none of the achievements can be missed and there are cheats to help you (honestly if you use the cheats this game is very, very easy.) Game can be finished in 5-7 hours easily.

Bioshock: I highly recommend this game to any Xbox 360 owner. A game of year award winning game that comes with 1100 easy achievements. All achievements are offline but some do take a while and can be missed. If you are not looking to get all the achievements then you should get 750+ in one playthough.

Kameo: Elements of Power: You get 600 points for beating the game. I know your thinking that I don’t want to play a dumb kids game but really it is fun. Play and see you’ll see what I mean, and the 600 points are a bad thing. Plus the game is about $5 used.

Halo 3: Yeah you probably own it. Play it on legendary with a couple of friends and it is super easy and fun. You will get 700+ points in doing this.

Lego Games: Yah really I know there all practically the same put each will net you 700+ for playing through the story.

Fight Night: Round 3: Turn on illegal blows, and go through the main story to get all 1000.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: 1000 easy gamerpoints. Set the difficulty slider to zero and then go through the story which will take about 7 hours. Use a walkthrough to get all the other achievements which should take a maximum of 15 hours. Long yes, but this a must have game for any Xbox 360 owner.

NBA Street Homecourt: A fun arcade style game. Will net you 800 points doing easy tricks and finishing the story which should take you four hours at most playing on easy.

Open Season- Easy 1000 for playing through the story.

Viva Pinata: A great children’s game but really anyone can become addicted to this game. An easy 1000 gamerscore obtainable in 20 hours at most. You’ll probably have to use a guide of some sort to help get the secret achievements.

Bully: Really easy game with cheats. All 1000 are story realted and really easy to obtain. Could take you 17 hours at most to get all of them.


NBA 2K6, 7, 8, 9- use the sliders

Madden 06, 09-use sliders and simulate season

Lost: Easy 1000 but a really really bad game.

If there are any games that you believe should be on the list, please notify me of it.


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