Barrow Brothers

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Barrows is not a safe mini game, if you die here you will keep only your 3 most valuable item unless you are skulled. And it is members only.

How to get there:

It is very handy to have dont fairy tale part 1 and completed enough of part 2 to use the fairy rings. It is also very helpful to have access to the underground tunnel behind canfis bar.

Use the fairy ring west of edgevill to teleport into the tunnel behind canfis bar. Go into the swamp and go south until you get to a boat, take the boat and go east to barows.

What to bring:

Atleast 150 blood runes, air staff, full rune, atleast 2 prayer potions, a teleport out (recommended a tab), dramin staff or lunar, a good weapon, and dragon hide armour, and a SPADE (very important to get into barrow).

Reccommended Skills. 70 attack, defence, and strength, 43 prayer, 62 magic.

How to kill:

First wear your dragon hide armour and go to the center barrow brother (arhim the mager) use your weapon on him. When killed get out and if you have enough prayer points left go to dharok (melee) North eastern. If you dont then drink some of you prayer potion and wind wave on dharok. Warning: make sure you have you prayer on for dharok, he can hit well above 50’s. After dharok go to guthan (melee, South Eastern). Use mage on him and kill him easily. Now to Torag (melee, south western) this may be the easiest of all Barrow Brothers. I would reccomond to mage him. After this go north to Cerac( also melee) mage him again. Now the last one is Karil the most southern one. Karil (ranger) hit constant 20’s so it is recommended to use range protect. Maging him would work easier then melee.

Just a reminder that one of these brothers will be a tunnel. and you will have to go to the center of the maze and get the reward. before you open the chest the last brother will attack. Goodluck.


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