Career paths to take with an education degree

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There are various career paths followed by many individuals from the knowledge they gain from different sources. They achieve knowledge to obtain a job or make a career from their elders generally. The other way is to get a kind of knowledge from educational institutions. One among them is an education degree’ with a language most appropriately English and other subjects of arts and science. This degree generally does not encourage professionalism like practicing engineering or medicine.


You have acquired the degree in education after a few years of collegiate study. Now, you need to think about as many career paths as possible with this education degree. You need to sharpen the knowledge and convert it into a skill for the selected career.


There are many career pathways that are available and some could be created with the essence of the subject.

English language is to write well, speak well and teach well.

1. Write well to become a writer.
You can take up the career path of a journalist. When you can adopt this principle, you will become a writer. You can write social need based articles and publish in daily news papers and weekly magazines.

2. You should be in a position to write educational books and guides for the students belonging to higher education in schools. You can write educational books on English prose, poetry, grammar and essays, non-detailed stories and novels.

3. If you are born with a special talent, you will become a lyrics writer and a poet too. You can write lyrics for television serial dramas and songs for cinemas.

4. You will start publishing of articles
in news papers, e-books on line and printed books offline for distributing them in book stores. You will help the web designers in bringing out good contents for their sites.

5. You will become copy writer for advertisements. You can start writing catch words, phrases, and slogans for creating advertisements in radios, televisions posters, banners, hoardings and news papers.

6. Speak well to become a school teacher. You will take up the noble career path of a teacher. It is a great service to the mankind and his perpetual in civilizing them and creating an atmosphere for their life on earth.

7. Speak well and practice further to become a public speaker or an orator in forums. You can take up any kind of job related with public speaking. You can be a political speaker, literary orator, and spiritual preacher.

8. You will become an interview conductor in television and radio and as well act as a host in performing events. A good speaker could take a career path of an executive manager of sales and marketing
in a big company too.


These are all opportunities one can create with the education degree or the knowledge obtained from the education degree college. He should settle with the most suitable prospective
among all the opportunities available now. The need is to sharpen his skill towards the career he prefers to carry on.


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