How to get a job? Tips for an effective job search

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A job seeker arrives!

The door bell just started singing a new tune. I opened the door. A young boy in a neat dress was standing outside in the home garden. He was very quiet, but his face expressed anxiety.

He explained that he has come from my own village and he is related to me. I offered a seat to sit comfortably inside the house and made him to relax his mind.

A state of sorrow!

After a small break for taking a cup of coffee, he explained about the fall of a huge staple fiber industry’ in the village. Thousands of youth have become jobless and he is one among them. He showed me his resume, wherein he is seeking for a suitable job.

1. A Strategy helps!

I said I do not have influence in the industry circle to get a job for him. But I can help him to get a job through a job seeking strategy!

2. You are something more!

I just analyzed his bio data, which explained all about his curriculum and job experiences. He said he is a computer operator. To me his knowledge is more than an operator to the level of an analyst. I promoted him to that level in his application.

3. You are something special!

I was in search of some thing special in him.

I am a strong believer that every human being has some thing special, inborn character or acquired knowledge that will be especially different from others.

4. Bring out Your special characters!

The talk was going on. After about an hour of brain storming, I could draw two special characters from the boy. They are uncommon features among the youth and may be said as extraordinarily special with this job seeker. He has learnt the skills and still practicing them regularly.

Example: One thing, he knows Hindi.

Hindi is said to be India’s national language. It is widely spoken and practiced in all business dealings in Northern part of India. Its use in all other states is also remarkably more. The very peculiar thing is that it is not in vogue in our state of Tamil Nadu and its practice is limited to certain special people.

Generally, all the manufacturers in this textile city will have connections with the North Indian dealers. Knowing Business Hindi is advantageous in building business relations with whole sale traders in the North.

Example: Another thing, he practices meditation.

Accepting and practicing Meditation in this young age itself is an extraordinary experience. I know how much this could develop inner calmness and outer activity in a human being. This young man is bound to be calm and should be active in his works related to the business or profession.

5.  Let resume tell all about this:

Now, I changed certain paragraphs in his resume and highlighted his special knowledge of Hindi and Meditation and their applications in his future job.

6. Tell to the world outside:

I asked the youth to make about 20 copies of application sets with the resume and dispatch them to companies and traders having North Indian business dealings. I asked him to wait for a week. That’s all!

Great response!

He started getting letters of interviews and offers of jobs. Yes! There are companies badly in need of people who can work quietly with determinations to complete the job earnestly.

Got the job!

The owner of a knitted garment manufacturing company could understand this very well. His knowledge of Hindi is going to be very useful in conversing and corresponding with his fellow businessmen in the North.

He got employed by the company, of course at a higher level of salary and benefits too.

Important: Don’t be a nomad!

Job seeking is not moving aimless like a nomad.

A little bit of business strategy, when applied makes it smooth and rewarding!

A better understanding of the skills of the job seeker will lead to a different kind of focusing.

7. Know yourself and make others know!

Proper incorporation of the information into the resume and its dissemination to the needy people bring an impact. A great opportunity is thus established to get a matching job and this will lead into a life time career of the youth.

Good luck to my young generation!


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