How to save money from your monthly salary?

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Did it happen to you to realize after two weeks since receiving your paycheck that you are out of money?

The costs are not necessarily big, but they are many and small and you just don’t feel when and where the money goes.

Here are some concrete situations in which you can save money for the days when you wait for the next paycheck.

1. Put the change into a box on your desk. It may seem insignificant, but put there all the currencies and the change. Don’t break the piggy-bank until the last week of the month.

2. Use cash instead of card. You will always be tempted to buy more when you pay by card; but when you hold the money in your hands, you’ll be more realistic when it comes about spending.

3. You should always leave on your card 20% of salary, without spending a cent from this amount. Call it whatever you want: an emergency fund, S.O.S money or the saving drop; keep these money for black days, in order not to be constraint to barrow from others.

4. Avoid loans before the payday. Try to be satisfied with what you have, in order not to be out of money again the next month;

5. Think about funny things to do at home. Instead of watching a film to the cinema or going out for weekly activities, try to hold a party at your home. Your friends will be delighted to bring snacks and cookies or something to drink in exchange for an evening of fun.

6. Do you remember where the kitchen is? If not, then rediscover it. Buy foods that you need and prepare your meals for work. You will spend less, having also the certainty of a healthy meal.

7. Pay first the utilities. Don’t spend your money on something else until being sure that you pay the phone and all the other bills.

8. Saving money can be a challenge. Take it as it is! Learn to enjoy it at the end, organize yourself and try to invest in truly valuable things.


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