He loves me…he loves me not

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There is no positive answer to this question, only negative signals. If you notice the following features, you should consider the possibility that your relationship is not so perfect as you think. If you observe a large number of these relationship features, than you have the pure truth in front of you.

1. You think your partner pressures you to think about seriously about hurrying things faster than you wish regarding your relationship? Maybe your partner is more interested in competition and in adding points than building a long term relationship.

2. Does your partner keeps away from you certain aspects of his life? If he doesn’t enjoy seeing you in the presence of his friends, he doesn’t want you to know his parents or take part to his hobbies, it means than he is not so enthusiastic to have you in his life.

3. Does he lie or refuses to answer when you talk about your relationship? It is a clear signal that the relationship is not important to him. Perhaps he wants to enjoy what he gets without involving too much.

4. Does your partner control you in every aspect of your life? If you realize that you started to see your friends rarely or that your partner is jealous on the relation between you and your friends, it is clearly that he sees you more as an object he possesses than as a person with her own needs and interests.

5. Do you get depressed constantly after you see your boyfriend and you don’t know why? Perhaps you perceive your relationship as meaning more than it actually does? Sometimes we wish a thing so much that we are not able to see how much it hurts us.

6. Does your partner behave differently with you in privacy? Some people make use of romantic relationship to earn extra points in the social group they are part of. You must know that it’s not about love if you’re used by your partner to obtain something he wants.

7. Does your partner banters you often? Teasing is normal, the mockery isn’t. If you tell your partner that something bothers you and he doesn’t even try to stop himself, then he doesn’t love you.

8. Did you ever notice the temperament of your partner? If he is a more temperamental guy, than he is human. If he speaks openly to you, it means you can trust him. Instead, if he ever hits you, leave him. Call the police if you want or ask to somebody big and ugly to discuss with him. Ok, I was joking…the paid killer mustn’t be big and ugly…But your partner doesn’t have any right to hit you, absolutely none.


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