13 Signs that he’s cheating you

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Signs of cheating

A woman doesn’t know if she is cheated, but she feels it. This is what the urban myth says about cheated women’s intuition. In reality, any woman could find out if the boyfriend / husband is cheating her, if she would watch carefully some of the signs of cheating.

Do you think your partner has a relationship? Then don’t panic and don’t try to find the truth from him. But you should start analyzing in detail his actions and gestures. If you get angry and make a scene, you won’t solve anything; but if you begin to search for proofs, he won’t be able to deny it.

Bakur Marcella, a psychology professor at Marymount Manhattan University, exposed in her work the signs that are relevant for the partners’ infidelity.

Here are 13 obvious signs that should make you more suspicious:

1. Your partner is much more closely to you, he even started to bring you flowers and gifts more and more often.

Although they may seem to be proofs of his love, it may be also a way to ask for your forgiveness. Your boyfriend feels guilty because of his romantic affair and tries to make something in order to feel less guilty. Try talking to him and to find out what are actually the reasons why he so “loving”.

2. Every time you have an argument or just a few contradictory opinions, your partner threatens you that he will end your relationship or he talks about break up.

Phrases like “What will you do if our relationship ends?” or “If we’ll break up, I will continue to care about you. Will you do the same?”- are clear signs that he has already analyzed such a situation. If he makes such statement more often then he should, maybe it would be better for you to consider that he has a relationship.

3. The behavior of your lover/ husband is increasingly different than usual. Now he is sad, now he is happy. He even seems sadder after you join him.

The main problem of those who are cheating is the ability to maintain stability in both relationships. Most often, the stress accumulated in a relationship will affect the other one.

4. Your boyfriend is so distant that you don’t know if you’re still together or not.

He doesn’t talk to you anymore, you don’t make any plans together and you don’t know anymore about his job or friends. The best would be to have a serious discussion to ask him details about the current situation. It could be just a stressful time for him, but it also may be the sign of an extra-conjugal relationship.

5. Suddenly, your partner’s preferences changed.

Until yesterday he was wearing jeans and T-shirts, but now he prefers more than anything to wear suits. Moreover, although he was a rock fan, now he listens to the latest pop. Yes, maybe he changed his taste, but these can also be signs that your boyfriend tries to impress someone. You should pay more attention.

6. For some time your partner criticizes a girl from your group of friends and sometimes he’s so exigent that you think he’s overreacting.

You could swear that he would never think to have a relationship with that person. But actually it is very likely that he tries to draw her attention or that he even tried and was refused.

7. Recently, you noticed that your partner has become very sensitive to your comments.

Most times, he reproaches you the things you say or he even reminds you some of your old quarrels. All these may be just the proof that he tries to find a reason to break up with you.

8. Your partner has started to close the doors when you’re around, although initially he was leaving them wide open.

For example the door of the office; usually, the lovers or partners leave the office doors open when they work home, especially if you don’t have children. But, once with his love affair, the unfaithful partner will try to create personal spaces where he can focus on the relationship he has with someone else.

9. Each kind gesture or gift you make him is received with a reaction of guilt.

“But why, I don’t deserve it” or “This is the way you are, you’re too good for me” are typical phrases for the partners who have extra-conjugal relationships. In the moment when you do something nice, you make him fill guilty, because you “should” be that awful person who made him begin another relationship.

10. Your partner told you clearly that he prefers to spend his free time rather with his friends than next to you. And you’re not even invited to join.

This should make you think about your situation and even ask his friends if they have been out with your boyfriend in the weekend; you might have surprises.

11. The common interests have turned in your interests and his.

Suddenly, the projects in which you were involved become his projects, projects that exclude you. The lack of interest should raise suspicions. Be confident in your forces and ask him for explanations. Such an attitude is intolerable in a relationship.

12. Your sex life turned into a routine.

It’s like a 15 minutes ritual that you practice once a month. Try to stimulate the sexual act and if this doesn’t work, then talk to him; it could be a medical or psychological problem, but it could also be about a chronic disease called “infidelity”.

13. Your partner is increasingly tired; he almost doesn’t sleep, has nightmares and even talks when sleeping.

It may be the stress caused by work or a new girlfriend with an increased sexual appetite.  Try to find out before suffering further in a relationship that has no future.


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