10 Tips to flirt with your man in every possible situation

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Just because you already have a relationship with him, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up flirting. Some playful gestures will bring you closer to the man in your life.

When you have a minute:

1. Sent him a ‘visual invitation’. Have a picture of the restaurant where he asked you to be his wife or a picture of the club where you kissed for the first time and send them by email, at his office, along with a short text: ‘You. Me. Here. Tonight.’

2. Reveal an erotic dream. While washing his teeth or drinking his morning coffee, tell him unexpectedly: ‘You know, I had a very interesting dream last night …’ Once he becomes interested, tell him one of your fantasies (for example: you two, making love on a beach). You’ll both go to work with an unforgettable image

When you can’t go out:

3. Play with his mind. Because he already knows you pretty good, you must surprise him from time to time. ‘Hit’ him with: ‘I’ve made plans for the weekend. But I say you only that the event involves some cocktails and a great shower.’ Then, show a smile full of suggestions. In short time he will be interested to find out more details.

When you want a hot night

4. Touch him constantly. Do you remember the first dates, when there where sparks every time when your hand was touching his? Next time when you go out, ‘reconstitute’ the same chemistry: touch your ankle of his while enjoying dinner, touch his thigh accidentally when you try to take a magazine from the table. But don’t forget: the idea is to excite him apparently without an intention, not to touch him suggestively.

5. Let the lights off. It’s not too complicated to make your lover stay next to you in the bed. But it’s hard to keep him there. After you finished the first round, forget about the foreplay and get involved in a flirt. Kiss him on the ear; enjoy a glass of wine with him…

When you haven’t had sex for a long time:

6. Draw his attention. It’s about the body language and nothing else: if you want your boyfriend to look to a part of your body, all you have to do is to touch that part. Touch your neck; play with an earring or with your hair. Even if he’s in the other corner of the room, he will be next to you in a few moments.

7. Dress something more daring. Why keeping that small set of underwear for anniversary moments? Wear it under the office clothes. When he comes to take you from work, show him a little of what you wear underneath. You’ll feel like a ‘femme fatale’, and he will become a pirate that was invited to conquer the Treasure Island.

When he takes you out:

8. Ask him anything. Sure you do not want to turn yourselves into one of those couples who can stay for dinner 2 hours without saying a word. Ask him questions every time you go out. As more strange are your questions, as better. For example: “if I would be a cocktail created by you, what would be my name?’ Or: ‘If we could be a couple of teenagers again, what would you want to do?’

9. Let him be the leader. Most times, you’re the one who takes important decisions. What would it be to leave him this time to decide for you? You get rid of a responsibility, and he enjoys he got one. Before going out, get out of the shower and throw the towel. Let him choose what you’ll wear, from underwear to the color of the lipstick and hairpin. He will surprise you certainly. Maybe you won’t agree, but it worth to make his pleasure. Nothing can be more original than a surprise between two people who thought they know everything about one another.

10. Flirt with him. When you are at a party, look at him suggestively every time he goes to bring you a drink. Do it as you would flirt with a good looking stranger. Wait for him to look at you, and then turn your look back in the opposite direction. Watch him again immediately, from top to bottom. Neither he won’t be able to look somewhere else.


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